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Admit it – you waited all week for this. Well here. it. is! Rock out (or chill out) to these cool tunes. If you like a few, be sure to vote for your favorite and then share with some friends. Sharing music is a great way to make the world a little better.

The Astronots – “Pleased to Meet You”
-The Astronots really know how to rock. With a style that reminds me of a mashup of several different rock styles, they’ve managed to create a jam rock style all their own. It takes real skill to deliver a yelled line that feels like real music. A bit of ACDC and a bit of Aerosmith, this is a fresh take on classic rock’s iconic sounds.

Jeremy Aaron – “Honey”
-When an artist can tap into something deeper, we’re always interested. Jeremy Aaron is our kind of songwriter, revealing a wonderful depth on this song. The sound is mellow and comfortable, all while inviting contemplation on the topic. He’s a talented artists and we’re looking forward to hearing more simple acoustic work like the opening of this song.

King Black Acid – “Twin Flames”
-There’s a raw psychedelic energy to King Black Acid. Picture something vintage Doors and Stones, really coming through with a fresh take here. The song structures are really unique, leading me to believe there’s something inducing the imagery. The glowing style of the production really works, too. I bet their show is full of colorful creatures, too.

Lucian – “Sick of Love”
-Lucian’s “Sick of Love” has a snappy energy to it that’s sure to get your feet moving. The vocal line is really complex, surprisingly fit into an electro pop track like this. The rhythmic elements keep the song moving along without being distracting. The jump doesn’t hit as much as I expected it to, but it creates an intricately woven tapestry that is both pleasingly complex and aurally enjoyable.

Rochelle Feldkamp – “What Was On My Mind”
-Rochelle Feldkamp’s style is the real deal. Her vocal sounds like a mellow Stevie Nicks. I adore the tone of her voice and the way she can deliver these thoughtful, narrative lines. The song doesn’t really need the production. It could work just fine with her, basically solo with a guitar or keys. That said, it’s a wonderfully endearing tune, self-reflective like a diary entry. Sweet.

Rabbit’s Foot – “Lazy Girl”
-Okay first, the organ. The organ on this song is amazing. But then, the voice. Oh my gosh Rabbit’s Foot have to be one of the most purely talented groups we’ve found to date this year. I really appreciate the style and swagger of this track, allowing vintage smoothness to permeate all elements of the track. This is one that’s sure to make a lot of people take notice in the same way we did when we heard St Paul and the Broken Bones.

The Celebration Army – “Risky Business”
-Check out the snappy rock flavor on The Celebration Army. These cats can PLAY. The lyrics are snappy and fascinating, all over a track that feels whimsical at first but seriously bears down. It’s a great song that keeps me popping along with it. Obviously it’s not a real intricate message; it’s about hooking up, but it does so with a lot of style and swagger. The only comparison I can come up with is Lake Street Dive, so that’s pretty good company.

Crush Club – “We Dance”
-The song is called “We Dance,” so I’m sure you know what you’re going to get. A dash of disco and a bit more early funk feel, it’s a song that absolutely makes you move. It might not be the standard fare folk music you tend to find on our site, but it has a ton of energy. Get up and dance, you old so and so.

The Paper Trail – “Wednesday Addams”
-This is an emo acoustic song about the girl from the Addams Family. It’s dark and sad. It’s also an exceptionally artful song that will give you a rush of emotions if you grew up in the late 80s or early 90s. The repetitive lyric about “jet black everything” is just too real.

Big Brutus – “Louise”
-This is a superb folk song. In fact, it’s one of the songs that really defines the type of music we most often cover here at ETTG. The thing is, the main line of this song is great and works nicely with the strings, but the harmony really does it for me. It’s a haunting sort of vibe on top an overly optimistic song. It reminds me of the mountains and cool creeks, places I’ve been and places I still want to go. It reminds me of old friends and people I still want to meet. It’s a song that expresses a lot about my heart. For that I am really grateful. Sorry if this doesn’t help with the sound, but it sounds like joy to me.

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