New Music Friday – Episode 37 – Vote in the poll to decide who wins a full album review!

Another week hath passed – and it’s time yet again for a #NewMusicFriday playlist. Aren’t you excited!? We are too. Check out this eclectic mix for another week of fun.

Rex Orange County – “Best Friend”
-Part party band, part eclectic pop chill band, the Rex Orange Country group are a great way to start off our contest. They really have an air of positivity to them. The central message is pretty cryptic, actually, conveying a sense of joy and fun all wrapped in a hopeful desperation. The uptempo style will keep your toes tapping. It works.

Flights Over Phoenix – “Deadstill”
-This is a fascinating song that reminds me a bit of the dynamism of 30 Seconds to Mars. The beat is heavy and the harmonies are tight, coming together for a killer arena rock vibe. I enjoy the overall composition and the right amount of production power. The lyrical theme about moving on from a difficult relationship is one that we can all appreciate.

Fire the Animal – “Night Spins”
-Sometimes indie rock just scratches that itch that other music can’t. There’s something attitude-laden about this recording by Fire the Animal that just does it for me. Whether it’s the whimsical sentiment to it or the snappy guitars, the track overall is intriguing. It’s timeless rock n’ roll without sounding old or passe. It’s a winner for fans of The Strokes style rock.

Paper Compass – “Carolina”
-If you’re a fan of incredible fingerpicking on the guitar, you need to give this track a spin. The song gives you chills on the back of your neck. It’s got a feeling like Iron and Wine or William Fitzsimmons. It’s the kind of music that is why we even have a folk blog like this. The lyrical content, rooted in naturalism and the American southeast, is really great too.

Falling Awake – “Chemicals”
-This is a really raw track, pulling on a hard rock core but performed acoustically. There’s a really rich quality to the song itself, making the listener feel deep emotions. The song construction reminds me of the emo wave a few years ago, but the song itself comes from a different place than that world. It’s unique in the best way.

Simon Alexander – “Won’t Be Found”
-This is a wonderful pop folk track. There’s so much energy in it that you can’t contain it. The subdued opening allows the song’s crescendo to really emerge with great fanfare. The steady beat keeps the feeling of travelling at front and center. The central metaphor of being constantly on the move is really relatable. It’s nice snapshot of the emerging folk scene.

The Fine Lines – “Gold”
-Whether you call this indie pop or indie rock, it’s a glowing and positive track. I appreciate the way the song soars at points like U2, but also sometimes feels really intimate and honest, like Bush or the Wallflowers in the 90s. No matter how you describe the sound itself, there’s a soothing quality to this alt rock music.

Bronte – “Hands”
-There’s a cool energy to the guitar and vocal balance on this track. The sound feels a bit like a band we featured a few years back called Grafitti6. I really enjoy the way the song sort of skits above the surface of things. It’s about the joy of being together and it works really well. Put it on your work/chill playlist.

Racoon Racoon – “Our Love’s Funeral”
-This is about as intimate as music can get. The male-female duo Racoon Racoon sing about their love with admirable sweetness. The whispered vocal and string background make them stand out in the folk scene. More than anything, though, it’s the evident chemistry that draws the listener into the story (morbid though it feels).

Wild Skies – “Fumes and Faith”
-Whether you call them folk music or just good country, Wild Skies are the total package. The song itself is quality, makes nice references to tradition life, and the harmonies are exceptional. It’s a cool sound that really bridges the gap between the folk revival and more of a pop country sound. I can really get into this one. What say you?

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