Rock Double Feature: Fairchild and The Blondies

One of my favorite things about good rock music is that it can take you out of your current circumstances and put you in a different place. It can be really provocative and moving in a way that, in my opinion, other genres rarely do.

We ran across this band FAIRCHILD a while ago, but never had the chance to cover them. Their recent work has some really interesting pop rock elements. You’ll hear some of the 80s rock revival for sure, including a healthy dose of synthesizer. Although they had an EP two years ago, I want to talk about three more recent tracks they released. “Start Again” really has the glowing synth rock flavor that I already mentioned. The vocals are interesting in their own way, reflecting a cool approach to the genre.

Their track “Relevance” has a tangible sense of tension in it. The song seems to be about complications in society more so than an individual sense. I love how the dynamic beat and clear guitar licks work together for a sound that, frankly, I haven’t heard before. Sure there are elements of 80s pop rock music, but by and large the mood generated with this sound is a unique contribution.

The third track “Neighbourhoods” is the smash hit from this Manchester-based rock band. You can feel the groove immediately. Although the lyrics are sometimes hard to follow, the coolness of the track keeps you listening. The beat will get your head bobbing while you consider a message about wanting to make things right. This track is just begging to be featured in a trendy movie, right? Throw it on your playlist and you’ll say, “wow, who is THIS?” every time.

The second band I want to feature is The Blondies. Shift your focus a bit from the 80s and go back another decade to Chicago from the 70s. That’s the best comparison I have for this intriguing band, who bring influences from a wide variety of places including The Beatles. “Just Another Evening” sounds like it could have been written by Paul McCartney. The melody and chord progression really sounds like the Beatles. The harmonies just punctuate it for me. It’s a cool song that you’ll have a hard time believing was written in the 21st century.

There’s a certain “factor” that can be hard to explain in music discovery, but when it’s there I am always taken by it. The Blondies song “The Doe” is one of those songs. It has a Cohen’s Hallelujah element to it. The music is contemplative and meaningful, but the lyric and vocal work together for a thoughtful, evocative piece. It’s more a piece of jazz folk than rock in the purest sense. It’s creative, for certain, and worth your consideration.

Check out “My Love” to hear the inventive character that I am trying to explain. There are some Queen and Beatles elements in this one for sure. The sonic structure is classic rock music with some really intricate chord changes in it. If you’ve listened to much Chicago, you’ll hear what I mean with these guys. I am really excited to follow their career further as they continue to hone in this radical songwriting style.

Hopefully you get a charge out of these two talented bands. Enjoy!

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