Artist Feature: Octave Lissner – Contagiously catchy singer songwriter

Artist Feature: Octave Lissner

Octave Lissner is a name you’d do well to remember. Based in Paris, France, Lissner has been releasing singles for the last 2 years, amassing tens of thousands of plays on platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify. Word spreads fast, especially when the songs are as contagiously catchy as these.

“Hate to Love You” is Octave Lissner’s most recent single release. Rhythmic acoustic guitar provides the foundation for the song and the production on the drums is similar to that of Death Cab for Cutie. Unlike Ben Gibbard though, Octave Lissner’s vocals showcase a satisfying grit and risk-taking, closer to the tones of Amos Lee or Kings of Leon. It’s the sort of tune that makes sense whether you’re walking on a beach or cuddled up in bed on a winter day. Singing, “Your eyes seem like they’re made of gold/I find that gold can be so cold”, it is the simultaneous optimism of infatuation and sense of impending doom that make the song so universally relatable.

Another recent single release, “Wildflower” begins with the juxtaposition of brooding key tones and the environmental sounds of birds in a park. The beat quickly blasts off and the song comes to fluctuate between moments of patient sensuality and upbeat dance grooves. A droning electric guitar fades in and out, adding intensity at just the right moments. Group harmonies are reminiscent of Fleet Foxes, but with less reverb and still allow the melody to soar. Combining genres of folk rock, funk and parlor jazz, “Wildflower” will remind you of Earth Wind & Fire in one moment, Van Morrison in the next. The arrangement is incredibly tasteful and is the sort of summer song you want to listen to all year long.

Word on the web is that Lissner has recorded a full-length album along the banks of the Danube River. While no release date has been announced (at least not anywhere your faithful correspondent has been able to find), we can all enjoy the teasers the Octave Lissner has provided thus far and anticipate more good things to come from this emerging artist.

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