Three Understated Singer Songwriters

Singer songwriters are a gift to the world. In the past few weeks we’ve lost both Leonard Cohen and Leon Russell. As we mourn the passing of these iconic figures, we must remember to find their light and energy in other rising stars. Take these three as examples of up and coming artists who can fill our lives with beautiful, magical music as well.

Runabay – “You I Know”
-Acoustic guitar, layered piano, violin, and a believably august lead vocal… Runabay is the genuine article when it comes to singer songwriters. The sound is beautiful, captivating, and even urges us to “all listen.” There’s a sweet, contemplative sincerity to this track that makes me come back to it over and over. Consider not only the sweetness of the harmonies, but also the urgency of living life truly.

Fellow Hollow – “Aisles”
-Fans of Penny and Sparrow should give Fellow Hollow a shot. The acoustic-dominated style is gripping. The vocals are breathtaking. This is the kind of song that you can hear over and over, still wondering what it totally means but knowing it feels right. More poetry than lyrics, the song conveys an intimate cordiality of friendship and community. This song fits in the “understated” theme just in the way that it delivers such an incredible vocal blending as if all of the vocalists are happy to sing like they’re just out back with friends. It’s delightful.

Lily Virginia – “All Night”
-Virginia’s submission said she was like Marisa Nadler and that comparison is absolutely spot on. I just feel a sense of urban communal peace in this song. I picture a couple walking in the evening after a wonderful night, maybe even a date. But they’re together and she’s saying what could or might happen. Maybe it’s a dream, but they could be together all night. These vivid pictures all collapse into a song that has electric guitar and a sweetly delivered lead vocal that epitomizes the descriptor “understated.” It’s so good, but unpretentious and full of fascinating wrinkles along the way.

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