Listen if you like: Kings of Leon – Three Groovin’ Indie Rock Bands

Okay seriously Kings of Leon can make the house shake. There aren’t very many bands that can really hang with them, but these three emerging indie rock bands deserve to be in that conversation. There’s an energy to each of these tracks that is quintessentially rock and roll. Give them a spin!

Color You – “Empty”
-Okay so maybe Weezer and Kings of Leon aren’t exactly the same kind of rock music, but to me there’s a direct parallel between these bands. This song in particular jumps out as a must listen jam. There’s a deep existential crisis embedded in the lyrics, which is about as punk as you can get. Then the pop punk vocals are really perfect, making the song pop nicely. It’s actually some of the unconventional sonic elements, which I assume to be distortions on the guitar, that create new age textures, allowing the song to generate its own energy not made in the image of any other bands.

Harlea – “Miss Me”
-This is a song that toes the line between romantic love and outright lust. It’s about longing to be with someone, but the implication is far more carnal. The guitar licks and flourishes remind me of more of a Rolling Stones style, but there’s definitely a fire here that sounds like Kings of Leon. The layered vocals are fantastic, lighting the stage with auditory fire to go with the sensationalized depiction of the relationship.

Brave Native – “Contact”
-From the opening line of Brave Native’s “Contact” you’ll hear a certain swagger that immediately sounds like Kings of Leon. It’s a light energy that is certainly still rock, but also seems to rise above the fray. It’s a sound that you can imagine getting the crowd jumping, with the vocal soaring over all of it. The song’s message is encouraging, talking about life as a whole rather than one small moment with in it. The contact metaphor is about prison, but really it’s an empowering song.

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