The top 3 lessons that every DJ must learn to be successful

The top 3 lessons that every DJ must learn to be successful

Being a DJ can be hard work. While it appears to be a profession that is all fun and games, there are aspects of the role that require a level of toughness and ability to work hard nonstop in order to be successful. As with any profession, the longer you are on the job, the better you will become. But how do you know that you have reached a level of success? It may be hard to gauge if you are constantly striving for more and have a desire to be better every day. These are great attributes to have and having a great deal of drive and a strong work ethic are surely going to pay off, but what makes you successful as a DJ? This article will highlight some of the top lessons that every DJ must learn to be successful.

Network online. If you want to be a highly coveted DJ that is known all over the world, you better know how to network. It can be hard to set yourself apart from other DJs in the world as it seems that there are loads of them. One way to set yourself apart from others is to network online and market yourself and your DJ personality. Yes, that is right, as a DJ, you will want to have a personality or persona that you are known as so that people can begin to recognize you. Think of this persona as a “brand” and you will want to market yourself with the same branding. Create social media accounts that feature your DJ persona and brand and build a following. When you are out playing gigs, be sure to refer to your social media channels, YouTube channel, and Soundcloud account so that your fans can follow you and spread your music to their friends. This is a great way to build a strong fanbase who will want to know where you are playing at any given time. Building a strong fanbase can give you an indication of your popularity and if that is how you measure success, you can gauge where you are and where you need to go to reach your goals and aspirations.

Learn all types of equipment. A great DJ knows how to play all types of equipment, even if it is not your own. Be sure to learn as many brands of equipment as you can. You never know when you will be expected to perform and the equipment may not be what you are used to play with. This should not matter as with a few moments with the equipment, you should be able to get yourself comfortable enough with it to get your groove on. If you have not learned to diversify your equipment, be sure to visit to get started. There is much to learn!

Perform. A good DJ can play music and please a crowd, there is no doubt about that. However, a successful DJ will also perform with the crowd. Whether it be beat boxing, scratching, or mixing, a DJ that can perform will stand out amongst the DJ crowd.

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