Editor’s Picks: Canyon City, Eric and Happie

One of the best things about running your own music website is that you get to pick what you cover. We have our genre focus and some general “rules” for coverage, but at the end of the day we pick music that we like. Sometimes it’s music that we listen to regularly and other times just music we like for now. Here are a few tracks that really stood out to me as the type of music that I really enjoy although for different reasons. If either of these songs are for you, we’d love a comment on social media and a share with a few friends. We’re trying to share the love here, ya’ll!

Canyon City – “Between the Stars”
-The description on this track had Noah Gunderson and Jason Isbell listed; I was skeptical. Then I clicked play and the third band listed, Passenger, turned out to be the more dominant of the comparisons. Nevertheless, the song was exactly what I needed (and often need). It’s introspective and sweetly delivered, all with a thoughtful sensibility. It feels like the kind of music you might enjoy if you were desiring to meditate… or write, as is the case. Lovely stuff.

Eric and Happie – “It’s Yours”
-If folk duos are your thing (and there are a lot of them these days), you really should add Eric and Happie to your playlist. I love this endearing little ditty of a song. It’s romantic, of course, but it comes with this happy-go-lucky ethos that I really need in my life. Both of the band members can really sing, so it makes each line sound perfect. When the two harmonize, though, it’s pretty darn mind blowing. I love how the whimsy and the intimacy dance together so delightfully.

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