Album Review: The Internal Frontier – Self Titled Debut

The Internal Frontier | The Internal Frontier

The Internal Frontier’s self-titled EP is like a 1,000 watt blast-off into space on a magic carpet, captained by a jolly skeleton and fueled by what feels like alarming amounts of caffeine and good vibes. “Wake the Dawn” starts the collection off with a bang, hitting your eardrums with unapologetic volume and full band vibrancy. It’s the type of rare sunrise that blinds you with oranges and pinks. Celebratory, the song makes sense after a full night of running beneath stars, inspired by the sort of dance that comes when close friends watch the sky begin to lighten around the edges.

“Neon Energy” picks up right where “Wake the Dawn” leaves off – high energy arrangement and lyrical composition that comes across as speaking on behalf of a cosmically-optimistic nomadic collective. It’s youthful, carefree and ultimately, about being together. Themes of freedom and celebration in the midst of mortality abound. The chorus vocals and catchy hooks that form the foundation of the EP are similar to the likes of the Lumineers and Of Monsters and Men, combining acoustic and electric, quiet serenades and raging drum beats.
The Internal Frontier is relentlessly upbeat and features the poppy hooks that are sure to bounce around your brain for a week or more. Even the fourth track of the album, “Bluff”, slightly more of a slow-burner, can’t help but rocket along with the energy of an indie energizer bunny. Be warned: this is the kind of EP that’ll have you driving well past the legal speed limit, whizzing like Princess Peach along the rainbow racetrack of Mario cart, shooting stars and all.

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