Rock Music: Lola Cove, The Beautiful Fear, and Bartholin

One of the greatest qualities of rock music is that it has so many manifestations. Artists from as wide a range as the Beatles to Slayer can all trace their heritage through the hallowed halls of rock music. Here today we have three bands that are probably further to the Beatles side of that continuum, but nevertheless make up the attitude, style, and substance of an iconic genre.

Lola Cove – “I’ve Been Caught”
-This track is a celebration, despite being a story of getting caught. But you can hear from the optimism in the vocals that it’s a cheerful tune. The lyric, “I live my life… gotta live it while I’m young” has such energy to it. This is definitely a roadtrip style track, borne out of and meant for the hopes of young people. C’est la vie!

The Beautiful Fear – “Never Yesterday”
-This track dances with a dynamic sort of introspection that some might contest as indie rock at all, at least in the beginning. Some might not really feel that it sounds like pure rock music, but to my ear the Pink Floyd comparison almost makes itself. As the song crescendos and builds intensity, I feel that it exhibits the heart of rock music. The lyrics are a bit difficult to follow, but the overall feeling of the song is definitely heavy. The notes themselves send volumes of messages.

Bartholin – “Paraphones”
-I had never heard a song quite like “Paraphones” before I clicked play on this for the first time. It has a sort of early 90s alt rock vibe to it, but there’s something pleasantly hypnotic about the song. It sounds like vocals are intentionally crafted to be restrained. As the song opens into a nice full harmony bit near the midpoint of the song, it feels a bit more like a 60s jam. Those two sounds and eras blend together nicely for a sweet little microcosm of music history right in one track. (Apologies to the dodgy 80s, of course)

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