Emerging Band: The Growlers cool alternative indie rock

The Growlers have a groovy sound. The lead vocal sounds like Edward Sharpe’s rasp with a much more consistent chill vibe to it. The first track we’re featuring is called “City Club” and it really has a cool feel to it. “I love her just the way she is” reminds me of such an idealistic view, but it’s clear the writer is in love and seeing all the glowing positives. The instrumentation veers from conventional indie rock with some pretty cool sounds that feel electro but seem to be coming from guitars.

The second track is “I’ll Be Around.” The lyrics are pretty fast paced and hard to follow on this one, but something about it really just reminds me of a bygone era. The style, though, reminds me of what I always liked about Cage Elephant’s “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked.” It has that heavy back beat that gets your head bobbing and makes you squint like you’re actually way cooler than you really are. Don’t front. I can see you. You’re doing it. Go on with your bad self and dance to this groovy indie rock jam.

Get used to this sound because the Growlers are going to be BIG come next year’s festival season.

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