Emerging Artist: New Soul Singer Tim Qualls

Emerging Artist: New Soul Singer Tim Qualls

When you hear the opening line of Tim Qualls’ song “I Drink” you can feel more than what your ears can fully comprehend. Of course there’s the electric guitar, the percussion, and the organ, but more than any of those elements comes in a voice that drips with a soulful beauty that is rare. Qualls sounds like he’s lived more than his share of rough days, but he sings with a sort of dismissive sincerity. That is to say you believe what he says, but he also doesn’t feel like he’s been too defeated by this difficult world. The tenor lead soars and rolls, it seeks in earnest, and we’re the better for it.

Qualls’ song “Say You Love Me” also fits in the new soul genre, although with a slightly different style. There’s something about him that reminds me of Allen Stone. It’s a sincerity, I think, that drips from his lyrics. But what makes good soul music is about so much more than the notes on the page; Qualls seems to have that intangible quality. The message of the song is about longing for love from someone. We’ve all been there. It’s the kind of song that keeps you coming back for more. The bridge of the song shows off a songwriting style that is fluent in different musical languages in the jazz family, including both soul and R&B.

Qualls is definitely an artist on the rise in the new soul world. Look to give him a shot sometime when he’s on tour in your city. He’s definitely a gifted artist and songwriter who can bring us together with transcendent and meaningful messages.

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