Three Indie Pop Bands to Put a Smile on Your Face

Three Indie Pop Bands to Put a Smile on Your Face

Indie pop might not be everyone’s favorite genre, but around here we gosh darn love it. In all of our Partridge Family nostalgic glory, we reminisce back to the days before juice boxes and participation trophies; when men were men and women were women, and Danny Bonaduce was a real TV star and not just a reality star. Okay… maybe that’s too far. Anyways, check out these glowing harmonies and head bobbing, smile-inducing riffs from some new favorites here at ETTG.

The Wild Now – Tides EP
-With sound that reminds me a bit of the Wind and the Wave, the chill pop sound of the Wild Now is really intriguing to me. They have the ability to fill your ears with a mixture of poppy positivity, or a bit of raw soulful swagger, too. The adventure of the album revolves around the lead vocals of Taylor Baker. With a coolness you’ll hear from Grace Potter combined with the subtle sincerity of Patrica Lynn Drew (Wind and the Wave). It’s a killer sound, to be honest.

Alec Henderson Band – “Fly Away”
-This is just a single feature here, but it’s such an enjoyable track that qualifies for indie pop that I had to include it. The minor chord turns in this song are absolutely adorable. I mean that with utmost respect. I remember how I felt the first time I heard Colbie Callait and I get that same sense with Alec Henderson Band. I also might compare this wonderfully endearing sound to another indie pop I enjoy called Branches. Good stuff, though. Share it with you’re girlfriend; she’ll think you’re cute.

Redtail Hawk – Magnetic Malaise
-The guys in Redtail Hawk probably never imagined their music on an indie pop playlist. Rather, they are pretty tried and true rock music. That said, the style of rock they play reminds me of the 60s in all the best ways. Yet there’s this energy that makes them absolutely soar in my ears! The energy is sometimes chill like the Blues Brothers and sometimes ripping like an arena rock band. But the most common modus operandi of the band seems to be somewhere in the middle. For my money, “The Quickening” is the best track on the album (and one of my favs of the year from anyone). Give these gents a spin!

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