Four Rock Bands to Help You Roll Through August

Four Rock Bands to Help You Roll Through August

Okay so it might not be the best headline I’ve ever written, but these are some pretty amazing bands. I promise the music is better than the line. These four bands show just how amazingly versatile the term “rock” really can be. Contrasting styles but all soundly (ha, get it?) within the rock vein, there’s a lot here to enjoy. Throw these bad boys on beside the bratwurst at your next cookout and watch your friends ask “who is THIS?”

Silver Dollars – Leave the Light On
-If you’re a fan of classic rock acts like the Allman Brothers Band, you’ll find a lot to like about Silver Dollars. The guitars are just brimming with blues guitar riffs. The lead vocal is absolutely on point for the southern rock vibe. The song itself is pretty much amazing. These cats can really make great timeless rock music. If you’re missing that golden age of rock music, the Silver Dollars are keeping it alive for you.

Step Rockets – Future Nature
-This is a pop rock sound that is absolute ear candy. The harmonies are delicious and the lead vocal is pretty much perfect. Seriously sometimes submissions get all of the production elements right but just lack this one integral part; the ability to freaking sing the hell out of an incredible hook. Step Rockets are the kind of band that you can just imagine filling up a festival or an arena with everyone going ape over a high energy performance. Some purists will say this isn’t even really “rock” music, but as long as I hear the kind of drums and guitars that these guys have, it’s going to fall under rock. Feel the arena shake!

Hemmingbirds – Half a Second
-When you turn on your college rock station, the band you want to hear are the Hemmingbirds. I mean, honestly, the sound is like Weezer with panache. There’s a crisp style to what they’re doing. It’s the lead vocal, though, that sets them apart from their competition. Rather than having some monotone “too cool to hold a note” vocalist, these cats have a soaring vocal style that will bring you back for more. There are some rhythms here that remind me of pop punk more than conventional rock, but they are certainly a rock act. If attitude-laden guitars and a driving rhythm are your idea of a good rockin’ time, give them a spin.

Great American Canyon Band – Only You Remain
-Every once in awhile I hear something so amazing I don’t even know how to describe it; Great American Canyon Band is one of those sounds. I would call them atmospheric rock or even dreamy rock. It’s a sound that I wish I could use to narrate my dreams. There are filtered vocals that sound like they are soaring, but it’s the vocal harmonies over stunning strings that make it really work for me. There are a few other tracks from the album on here, but I like “Only You Remain” so much I decided to focus on this one. Play this at a party and count the heads that turn.

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