A Catchy Songs Playlist to Keep You Singing

There’s no better way to relax than to indulge yourself in an unrestrained sing along to a catchy number. No matter if you’re flat or off key, as long as no one’s around to make you feel self-conscious, the pleasure of a singalong is in your head, not in the quality of the vocal performance. A singalong playlist is not about being hip or cutting edge, you’re not out to impress: what you need is a tune you can’t get out of your head, a lyric that works like a wind-up toy and a chorus you can belt out. So, here’s my suggestion for ten tunes to release your inner singer.

Happy – Pharell Williams

Faux Motown from 2013. Light and frothy as Chantilly cream and just as yummy. ‘Clap along if you feel that happiness is the truth’. Oh yeah, philosophy to live by.

Single Ladies – Beyoncé

Up tempo dance pop from 2008. Maybe there’s a serious message about the need for commitment guys, but really you don’t need to worry too much about the content of the lyrics, just surrender to the infectious beats.

High Hopes – Frank Sinatra

Yes, it has a children’s chorus, yes, it has Frank’s curiously flat delivery but I dare you, I double dare you not to sing along to its goofy lyrics.

Viva Las Vegas- Elvis Presley

Released in 1964 this was originally a b side, subsequently it became one of Presley’s most covered songs and is often cited as one of the best gambling songs of all time.

Call me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

Number one in thirteen countries. Best-selling single by a female artist this century. Catchy as hell.

Heroes- David Bowie

Hard to believe that this was a bit of a flop for Bowie when it was released. Now it feels like a hymn of praise to the human spirit. After his death, the German government publicly thanked Bowie for ‘helping bring down the wall’. Anyhow, the point is you know the words and you can get as operatic as you like belting out the chorus.

My Baby Just Cares for Me – Nina Simone

Written in 1930 and much recorded, it’s the 1958 version by Nina which really sticks in the head. The arrangement is simplicity itself, skeletal piano, drum and bass. What dominates is that distinctive voice and extraordinary phrasing, which you can have hours of fun trying to get right.

Sit Down – James

Even if you don’t remember it from 1991 you’ll know it because a version of the song is being used to promote the seventh season of ‘Game of Thrones’. Definitively anthemic, it also has a really sharp lyric. ’Those who find themselves ridiculous/Sit down next to me.’ A sentiment all solitary singers can identify with.

UpTown Funk – Bruno Mars

Funk lite that doesn’t take itself seriously, that ‘doh’ vocal bassline is hilarious. This track is pure infectious joy and a perfect sing along vehicle.

You’re the One that I Want – Olivia Newton John and John Travolta

There’s a reason why this corny little number sold fifteen million copies worldwide, it’s irresistible and you can even dip into role play by singing both parts.

*This is a special guest sponsored post. The songs picked do not necessarily agree with those picked by the editors here. Though they are pretty damn catchy. 

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