#MusicMonday – Three Rising Stars for Relaxing, Atmospheric Music

#MusicMonday – Three Rising Stars for Relaxing, Atmospheric Music

If you’re looking for the kind of music that can help you really relax, these bands are going to put a smile on your face. Whether you’re finishing up those last few hours of work in the office, or studying late at night in the library, these albums will give you the chill energy you need to get through. It’s the kind of music that is sure to soothe you as you work or dream.

Amanda Merdzan – Commands
-This album is full of synth and electro elements that make us typically pass, but this is a kind of electronic music that conjures up some sort of deep delight in me. It makes me feel the way I felt when Moby and Enya were making music years ago. I don’t always know what the lyrics are saying, but the spirit of the track is relaxing and motivation. Just start with “Glow” and you’ll hear what I mean. It’s a different kind of coffeeshop music, but I’d love to play it there.

Sea Offs – Sea the Blind
-This is another atmospheric album, although in a very different way. There are some synths and strings, but it’s much broader, with some beautiful open scapes. Imagine hearing what you feel when you look out at the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone park. That’s how this sounds to me. It’s epic and big, yet comfortably small at times. If you’re a fan of the iconic Sleeping at Last, this album is one that you should definitely consider. It’s hard to pick a favorite here, so since it’s such a short album, just listen to all four.

Stewart Garry – Sojourner
-Do you remember the harmonics on the movie August Rush? Well, Stewart Gary does that kind of thing at an exceptionally complicated level. I’ll say from the outset that his sound may not be “relaxing” to some or even enjoyable for everyone, but to some who appreciate this kind of instrumental acoustic guitar work, it’s outstanding. Gary’s style is avant garde (in my limited knowledge of acoustic guitar styles), but I find his punctuated rhythms and melodies to be bright and moving. Without knowing the technical terms of what he’s doing, I’d describe the art as lively and invigorating, a welcome lubrication to the work of the mind that I do (both research and writing). Just in plain personal preference, “Stuck in a Memory” is the top track.

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