Four folk artists to make you look forward to spring

Four folk artists to make you look forward to spring

Photo credit: Lori Symmonds

It is, technically at least, still late winter here in the States. It’s that time when we look forward to the green sprouts of our favorite plants poking through the ground. Of course any day could be warm like the summer, or a blanket of snow. The unknown can be maddening, but the hope of spring and all that that entails keeps us excited for new mornings. Here we present four folk artists that package similar hope in their songs and sounds. Do enjoy, dear friends.

Jeremiah Daly – The Darkness Will Be Over Soon
-If you enjoy artists like Noah Gundersen who we feature here regularly, you really need to spend some time with this recording. Daly’s phrasing and delivery is astonishing. His genuine presentation of impeccable songwriting is inspiring. Sometimes we cover artists because they are decent and we enjoy them; Daly, on the other hand, is an extraordinary talent who will continue to improve. One day we will all look back at this recording and think “we remember him when…” I can’t wait to hear Daly live. I plan to go out of my way to make that happen – that’s how much I believe in this recording and this artist.  (This one is seriously shortlisted for album of the year!)

Another Brother Band – Another Five Songs
-The opening song on this great little album is “Take Me On Down (That Ohio).” It fills my nostalgic heart since I grew up about 3 miles from the Ohio River. The band really has great vocal harmonies. Think Simon and Garfunkel with a bit more Appalachian and bluegrass flavor and a little less of the classical bent. It’s a wonderful sound that I have enjoyed several times over. All three of the originals show great promise, so I’ll be waiting with bated breath for their true debut album.

Jared Rabin – Something Left to Say
-Jared Rabin isn’t afraid to plug in when he plays folk music. Some might call it pure rock, but really it’s folk rock music. Rabin represents the theme of this list nicely; his tunes are upbeat and inspiring. He is a veteran of the Chicago music scene and it shows in his music. A little bit of 90s alt rock shines through tracks full of engaging lyrics and killer guitar licks. My favorite is easily “I Remember Last December,” a downtempo, even prayer-like song. Rabin is going to be a favorite of fans of Jason Isbell and other rock-influenced folk artists.

The Afternoon Edition – Fallow
-These guys can play music. I mean – of course they are professional musicians – but they can really play music that moves the soul. You can tell that they’ve been playing music together for a long time. The singing seems to be an added bonus to a genuine love for playing. The steel guitar on this music is pretty spectacular. From country-flavored strings to heartfelt lyrics (like “Someone I Can’t Change”), these guys are the real deal.

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