Three Indie Bands to Make You Look Forward to Spring

Three Indie Bands to Make You Look Forward to Spring

The label “indie” really could cover almost everything on this site. Even the more well-known bands we cover are usually on independent labels. That said, “indie” has become a kind of genre identifier (even though we hate that) and we’re working to show people that indie is not a genre or a sound, but rather an approach to the music industry. These are folks not coopted by the machine; they make the music they want the way they want. These three artists are sure to put an optimistic spring in your step as you look forward to the coming bright season.

Redlands – Adventurer
-From the opening notes of title track “Adventurer,” the band Redlands oozes positive vibes. There’s this sort of light and ambient feeling to a big, harmonic rock sound. The theme of the song seems to be a bit of a mantra for the band as a whole – they are on a great adventure. The single “Leather Boots” is heavy hitting with some snarling guitars and plenty of punk-sounding vocals. The whole feeling is exactly what you’d expect an indie rock or college rock band to sound like. Throw this album on your listening device of choice and go about your day with some attitude.

Vacilando – While They Were Dancing
-This little six song album is a fantastic listening experience. The thing about it being six songs is that they are all long songs, full of thought and feeling. The lead vocal is subtle and atmospheric. There’s a little Elliott Smith feeling to the sound. Listeners are invited to experience the music more than just passively have it on in the background while multitasking. For my money, the cover of “Tennessee Waltz” is far and away the best track on the album. That’s right – sounds a little like Elliott Smith but covers an American classic. Cool album.

Citizen Shade – One for the Evening
-Do you remember that first time you hear Sam Smith and you got goosebumps on the back of your neck? Try the first track of this album, “If you want” and let me know how it goes for you. The range on lead singer Will Howard is nothing short of stunning. The tracks are all crystal clear, full of a tactile sense of love, and more soul than your ears will know what to do with. “Forfeit Tomorrow” which features Lauren Light and an incredible piano, is exactly the kind of “big sound” that is Citizen Shade’s calling card. This is an album that everyone, regardless of genre preference, needs to hear and appreciate. Legit talent.

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