25 Folk Music Blogs for 2016

25 Folk Music Blogs for 2016

That’s right – this is the ranking article of all ranking articles. If you’re looking for folk music, you’ve come to the right place. Not only do we have plenty of music on this site to peruse and enjoy, we’ve also ranked some other blogs that can help you feed your need for fingerpicking and harmonies. Thanks for dropping by and do give us a Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter if you find something here you enjoy.

  1. Twangville – http://twangville.com/ – If we didn’t already run a music website, this is the site we’d read every day.  It’s not just country; there’s plenty of roots, Americana, and folk music on Twangville to keep you happy.
  2. Folk Radio UK – http://www.folkradio.co.uk/ – Clean design and multiple posts per day.  It’s fun to hear what our friends “across the pond” are singing and writing about, too.
  3. Cover Lay Down – http://coverlaydown.com/ – This is one of the coolest sites we found compiling this list.  Not only do they have a nice concept – folk covers of pop music – but they have an ear for great sound and composition.  It’s definitely one worth bookmarking for hours of listening fun.
  4. Drunken Werewolf – http://www.drunkenwerewolf.com/ – If depth is your thing, Drunken Werewolf is a great stop.  There are plenty of artist features and unique takes on the underground music scene.  It’s not all folk, but they cover what we like.
  5. Kemptation – http://www.kemptation.com/ – It’s a sleek site design with features on artists that we enjoy as well.  The nice thing about Kemptation is they always have something new in terms of coverage from reviews to artist features.
  6. Said the Grammophone – http://www.saidthegramophone.com/ – Said the Grammophone is a Canadian-based site of passionate music fans.  Each article comes across as the work of a real music aficionado.  There’s an approach and honesty to the site that we try to emulate in our own work.

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7. Timber and Steel – https://timberandsteel.wordpress.com/ – If you are a junky for all things folk music, you should definitely be following Timber and Steel.  They have consistent rundowns of news and information that’s more than anyone could possibly read.  Beyond that, the music is always top notch.

8. Super 45 – http://super45.net/ – Super 45 has a crisp, professional look.  They also have articles in English as well as Spanish.  The sheer amount of coverage they have is impressive.  Beyond that, the graphics and overall look of the site is stunning.  It’s a joy to visit.

9. God is in the TV – http://www.godisinthetvzine.co.uk/ – Another UK-based publication, GIITT is very obviously a professional outfit.  They have competitions for artists and exceptionally good image work.  Again not a purely folk site, but still lots of good stuff.

10. Audiofemme – http://www.audiofemme.com/ – News, reviews, features, and a minimalist design; it’s everything you want in a one-stop shop at Audiofemme.  The site is straightforward and consistently enjoyable.

11. Indeflagration – http://indeflagration.com/ – If you can speak and read French, you’ll really enjoy this site.  For the English speakers among us, the Google translate tab comes in handy here.  But really, this site is helpful for grasping the French music scene and hearing some really great up and coming bands.

12. Recommended Listen – http://recommendedlisten.com/ – The tag line of Recommended Listen is “positive reflections on independent, alternative, and pop music.”  That’s a great vibe, too.  No act is too big or too small to make the cut at RL.  Enjoy a nice mixed bag, including some indie folk here and there.

13. das kleinicum – http://dasklienicum.blogspot.com/ – Well since we featured sites for the UK and France, it’s only fair to feature a site for the German music scene.  The layout is groovy, the write-ups go pretty in depth, and the overall feel of the site is cool.  Oh but it’s in German so you’ll need Google translate again.

14. Star Maker Machine – http://sixsongs.blogspot.com/ – First of all, Star Maker Machine is the coolest name on this list.  Beyond that, though, the site has a unique way about writing articles that aren’t just buzzy and featuring newer artists.  No stone is left unturned in the deep, intricate, complicated articles that address a wide variety of music.

15. We all want someone to shout for – http://www.weallwantsomeone.org/ – If you really enjoy buzz and news about the music industry, this is the site for you.  There’s plenty of quick-hitting content and singles featured for perusal.

16. The Songs We Love – https://thesongswelove.wordpress.com/ – Despite the English title, this is another one in a different language; but seriously it’s worth the three seconds it takes to click translate.  The content is of varying styles, but ALWAYS of consistent passion.  It’s great to hear that other people love music the way we do.

17. Cover Me – http://www.covermesongs.com/ – Obviously the gig at Cover Me is that they feature cover songs.  But they have covers from everyone, including folk artists… and folk covers of songs from other genres.  It’s a cool “down the rabbit hole” site for sure.

18. Big Bad Buckle – http://www.bigbadbuckle.com/ – Alliterative title (check), sweet logo (check), regular coverage of groovin’ acoustic music (check).  Yeah, we should be friends.  Check them out.

19. Indie Obsessive – http://indieobsessive.blogspot.com/ – Sometimes people use words like “obsessive” as hyperbole.  That is NOT the case with this site.  These folks are obsessed with music.  Get ready to drink from the firehouse of good music on this one, with more music than your ears can handle!

20. A Pocket Full of Seeds – http://apocketfullofseeds.com/ – If you’re looking for commentary on life as much as music, this is the site for you.  The author has a gift for writing and a penchant for introducing thoughtful, engaging music.

21. 17 Seconds – http://17seconds.co.uk/blog/ – This site has substantive album reviews covering a wide variety of music including folk

22. Swell Tone Music – http://swelltonemusic.com/ – Quirky and fun, Swell Tone is a site with some really unique content.  Have you ever dreamt of having pizza with your favorite artist?  Check out the series on this site…

23. adamNOTeve – http://adamnoteve.net/ – Probably a bit more alternative than folk, but adamNOTeve is a site with sleek design and a lot of music.  You’ll see a few familiar names and a lot of undiscovered artists as well.

24. The Modern Folk – http://www.themodernfolk.net/ – If you’re like us and spend a lot of time every day telling people that “yes, they do make music like they used to,” you will love this site.  The Modern Folk does a lot of work in educating people on the fine art of contemporary folk music.  The articles are quick and satisfying.

25. The Monday Morning Tape – http://themondaymorningtape.com/ – The tagline for the site is “mostly good music for mostly good people.”  That’s brilliant.  The site hosts full playlists that are just delightful.  If you’ve read this far, you certainly deserve to know about a site this good.

Thanks so much for checking out this list.  Who did we miss?  Let us know in the comments section.  We realize not all of these are purely “folk” blogs, but they are all sites with quality music picks.  Give them a listen, a like, a follow, or whatever support you see fit.

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  1. Sr. Helvetica

    Wow! Never could imagine The Songs We Love would be listed amongst folk music blogs, but, THAT WAS SO KIND… THANKS!
    (And yeah, you’re right about the passion)

  2. e.


  3. Dodo

    Pocket full of nails and ninebullets.net could fit on this list to, I think.

    • admin Post author

      Thanks Dodo! Glad to have the suggestions. I bet we could do another 25 soon. Keep ’em coming!

  4. susanne

    Wow dude you have such a great blog that your content ist listed on the german google site nearly in the peak results

    • admin Post author

      Sehr gut! Danke 🙂

  5. Gary Smith

    Laurel Canyon Music is a wonderful new blog covering Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Country, Americana and Acoustic music. Worth checking out. http://www.laurelcanyonuk.com

  6. Mazdak

    This is also good:

    Its about folk/Traditional music in all countries . The site is very new and database is not very large, but they have weekly update and improving the database daily/weekly. People also can send the songs too and make playlist for themselves from the list of music in each country, worth to take a look at it!

  7. James


    Reviews, interviews, a cool new video series and recording projects that are free to download from some of the best songwriters in New England.

  8. Darren P

    Not a lot of people like folk music, but I do. I thought I already have the best list in my music player. Upon reading this, I was delighted to know that there’s more. Many thanks for this list. I have plenty more to add to my music library.

  9. Music School of Delhi

    Amazing list, thanks for sharing it.

  10. Phil Matthews


    I have a brand new album out titled “Carnival Of Fools” that I would love to get to you.

    Do you accept digital files (mp3, WAV etc) transmitted to you for review etc? If so please send me the email address that you would like me to send the album to via WeTransfer.

    The album has been described by website storge.co.uk as : ~

    Phil Matthews is faithful to a particular thread of folk pop throughout the whole album. Not a bad thing – it makes for a good listen as a whole piece, or to dip into for individual tracks.
    This is the music of the drowsy slumber at the end of a day of imagined sunshine over a provincial village green. It is, as the cover suggests, the delight and half-remembered excitement of bunting strung prettily and the canvas tents hiding the delights of the fête. It is a melodic re-imagining of a by-gone age, the rose-tinted sound of perfectly pleasant pop bringing a welcome acoustic folk direction to the many psych-infusions around.

    • admin Post author

      We accept submissions through SubmitHub.com. You can find more information on the tab Submissions. Thanks for your interest in the site.

  11. Rohit

    It is really a great list.

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    I love folk music and it is great to see your post.

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    Your list is very helpful@

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    NIce post thnaks a lot

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