Three Awesome Pop Rock Bands for Your Weekend

Three Awesome Pop Rock Bands for Your Weekend

“Pop” has such a negative connotation in this indie world and I mean to change that. Pop can just mean upbeat and major chords. Pop doesn’t mean trashy or bubblegum. It just is a way to differentiate between types of rock and types of roll. Let me tell you readers, these three bands have a great style of rock n’ roll that you’ll not only want to listen to, you’ll probably throw them on your listening device of choice for repeated basking in the afterglow of rock awesomeness. Do enjoy!

Leaders in the Clubhouse – Won
-Okay so this one isn’t really a “family” album. “She Gets Loud” is… umm… well, adult themed. But the album is so catchy and fun you’ll swear it came straight from the best of a weekend with Ben Folds. Seriously everything you ever liked about songs like “Zach and Sarah” by Ben Folds comes through on this album in spades. The vocals, piano lead, and poppy song structure is ridiculously enjoyable. The second track is a critical commentary on modern society. In fact, the whole album is full of wry humor and cultural criticism. It might be the quintessential Gen-X album. Yep, that good.

Nick Flora – The Reintroduction of Nick Flora
-From the very beginning of the album, listeners can tell that Nick Flora takes his music seriously. There’s a driving sincerity in the track that declares his reemergence as a performing artist. Now I’m not going to pretend to be familiar with his earlier work either, but I am going to say that he has ARRIVED as a force. It’s a kind of rasp that puts me in mind of Dave Matthews Band, but if every song were upbeat and positive. Really, that makes him even better to not have that brooding pessimism so prevalent on other acoustic pop rock. Instead, Flora keeps listeners’ toes tapping, even on the bluesy track “Hard Man to Love” or the relatively down tempo “Young Man’s Game.” By the way, if you take a few minutes with this album, you’ll realize, his hard has been stolen by someone. The passion of that – whatever it is – permeates every track of this talented musician’s resurrection.

Wilhelm Tell Me – Growing Younger EP
-This is admittedly not my niche for music, but I have to say I find this album to be as addictive as heck. I hear all sorts of pop indie flavor from them. But they can rock, too. It’s the kind of album that I just love to hear coming through my headphones whether I’m working or just chilling. That addictive, catchy hook on “Growing Younger” is everything I love about pop rock. What I love about this EP is that it’s several versions of the same song, so you get to hear it in a variety of different styles. It’s unique and totally fun. Choose your favorite version and throw it on your playlist. You won’t regret it!

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