Crowdfunding Friday: Folk artist Brad Almond’s Kickstarter – If a Tree Falls in the Forest

Brad Almond‘s music has a timeless folk feel to it.  Although he’s emerging in the midst of the new folk revival, his work sounds like it would have resonated just as well fifty years ago.  This audacious Kickstarter has already hit it’s first goal (congrats!), but we’re sharing it because he’s set up some stretch goals for vinyl that we think our readers will really want to support.  Although fifty buckeroos might seem a little steep for some of us, but this is going to be some pretty incredible quality and it’s for a good cause.  Consider it, friends, and enjoy Brad’s fantastic work.

Okay so Crowdfunding Friday doesn’t sound quite as nice as Free Music Friday, but we’re really trying to get the word out on some pretty great projects we’ve found.  If you’d like to submit a crowdfunding project for our consideration, feel free to email  Please remember to keep it within the genres we typically cover.  Thanks!

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