Storyteller Song Search – Write music for an upcoming folk music film

We don’t often do “plugs” for something like this, but it seemed like a fantastic opportunity for our readers.  Since many of you are either songwriters yourselves or in the music industry, please pass this opportunity to everyone who might be interested.  The initial challenge is to submit an original song with a potential opportunity to write for an upcoming film called The Storyteller.

The poster shows they are specifically looking for folks in FOLK, AMERICANA, BLUEGRASS, and INDIE ROCK.  It was like they were making a movie for our people!  We had to say yes.

Please give it a shot!

As an added bonus, if you’re interested in writing about your entry (what’s it like to write and record for something like this?), we’d be able to give some coverage to that, too.  So write a song, blog about it, we’ll run it here, and get you some traffic that way.  Everyone wins!

We like games where everyone wins.  Happy songwriting, friends.

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