Crowdfunding Friday: Sam Cook-Stuntz’s “Velveteen Realist” Kickstarter

Okay so Crowdfunding Friday doesn’t sound quite as nice as Free Music Friday, but we’re really trying to get the word out on some pretty great projects we’ve found.  If you’d like to submit a crowdfunding project for our consideration, feel free to email  Please remember to keep it within the genres we typically cover.  Thanks!

Anyone who can come up with a pun as good as “Velveteen Realist” is a friend of mine.  Seriously.  But besides that, Sam Cook-Stuntz has a great concept album and ability.  His video gives a lot more detail into what he’s doing, but basically he could use our support to get this album out.  Sam’s clear folksy charm and ability to connect with the art is infectious.  You should at very least listen to this Kickstarter video and definitely consider helping him making these songs a reality.

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