Three Artists Doing Pop Music Right

Three Artists Doing Pop Music Right

Most of what EarToTheGround Music covers is something closer to folk or roots music, but occasionally we hear pop music that’s so good we just can’t pass it up. These three artists are exactly that kind of talent. They bring a pop, upbeat style that is sure to put a smile on your face without feeling like they’ve completely sold out to the formulas of the top 40. Billboard – eat your heart out – here are some of EarToTheGround Music’s top pop artists.

Davey Allen – Self titled
-Davey Allen plays the kind of blues that gets your toes tapping and head bobbing. His pure, unadulterated clear blues style reminds me a bit of Johnny Lang. The man can write and play. He’s got natural blues swagger a bit like St. Paul and the Broken Bones. This is just a killer album from start to finish. Davey Allen is an artist I’ll be looking for in the future, for sure. “Monterrey” is fantastic blues. “Days to Come” is rock in the narrative flavor of Dawes. Seriously this guy deserves to be in the company of the names I’ve dropped here. He’s that talented. He’s a must listen for all fans for the music I cover. He is an extraordinary talent; don’t miss out on him!

Chris Koza – In Real Time
-Koza’s style is right on the border of being a singer songwriter typical of others we cover on the site, but what makes his work uniquely pop are the layers of hyper-happy chords. Koza’s songwriting is clearly influenced by some of the pop artists of the 60s especially. He’s got shades of folk, country, and early pop, but mostly it’s pop. Listen to the drum beat on “Electric Tide” and you’ll hear why we couldn’t just call this album Americana or country. It’s an eclectic collection of sounds great for a party or a study session, equally chill and thought provoking.

Mountain Party – Love and Money
-Mountain Party is the passionate project of Justin Green. He’s an (almost) one-man machine, producing most of the sounds on the album. But maybe more impressively is that he is responsible for composing a wide variety of epic spaces on the album. Take a touch of Sleeping at Last, add in a dash of Dashboard Confessional, and a healthy dose of poppy banjo (like maybe Lumineers). The closer is perfect for us coming of age music fans, “All You Need is Love and Money.” So true, Justin, so true. This is an album for fans of eclectic folk music or alt pop grooves.

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