Christmas music from emerging artists – Happy Holidays from EarToTheGround Music

Holiday music almost deserves its own genre.  Most of us by this point in the month have had our fill of Bing and Percy and Mariah.  We’re ready for something fresh and exciting with a touch of that folk flavor.  If you tried scouring bandcamp or Noisetrade yourself you probably found more work than you have time for.  Fortunately we haven’t been busy compiling our end of year lists or inventing new ways to take over the world, so we found some Christmas music for you.  Do enjoy!  Oh, and don’t drink the eggnog.

Kristopher James – Christmas EP
Here’s a singer songwriter very much befitting ETTG.  James’s vocals are aesthetically pleasing and of high quality.  Fans of Bon Iver and other high pitch lead male vocalists will enjoy this free download quite a bit.

Karla Adolphe – Christmas
This album BLEW. ME. AWAY. I almost didn’t even click on it, but from the first quirky turns of phrasing on “We Three Kings” I knew this was going to be incredible. And it is. Karla’s vocals are just the right kind of unique and the compositions have an experimental folk ethos that will keep listeners captivated even with the “old standard” Christmas tracks.

Ryan McAllister – Christmas
When you think singer songwriter Christmas album, this is what you have in mind. Seriously make your warm beverage of choice, sit down by the fireplace or the place where your furnace pours into your room and get cozy. It’s warm, delightful, engaging, and just perfect for all of your folksy singer songwriter needs.

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