Greg Jones’s Best of 2014

Here are co-founder Greg Jones’s best songs and albums of 2014.

Top 10 Songs of 2014

#10: The Native Sibling – “Place to Rest/Keep on Running”

No matter how many times I hear this song, I continue to have a visceral, deeply personal response to it. It’s about perseverance and love and really living life. It’s inspiring and the harmonies are breathtaking.

#9: The Black Feathers – “Open Book”

Gushy, folk romantic goodness. Those harmonies are stunning. The beginning is sweet… get to the chorus. You won’t be disappointed.

#8: Cape Canyon – “I must be dreaming”

One of the least-talked-about-and-I-can’t-figure-out-why albums of 2014, Cape Canyon’s Blue Bonnet brings some incredible songs, including “I must be dreaming,” a delightfully esoteric piece that gets minds moving and makes ears smile with harmonic delight.

#7: Year of the Buffalo – “Waiting on You”

The intro track to a phenomenal album, Year of the Buffalo’s “Waiting on You” don’t need no stinking strings. Pure vocals. Pure bliss.

#6: Planes on Paper – “Iron Boat”

From its minor turns and jazzy, smoky flavor to the understated and impeccable harmonies, Planes on Paper created one of the most amazing things my ears heard all year. It’s deep, introspective, and captivating.

#5: Hinterlands – “Winding Roads”

Sometimes an EP gives me just enough of a glimpse of a new band to really get me pumped for their career. That’s certainly the case for Hinterlands, a New Zealand folk duo with incredible promise. The harmonies on “Winding Roads” and overall feel-amazing composition is just the track you need. Trust me.

#4: Abby Gundersen – “Farewell Summer”

A bit of a divergence from an otherwise folk-heavy list, this contemporary classical track is extremely relaxing. There’s a poem near the end of the song that gives just enough of the thought provoking element needed to complete the track. It makes me feel very, very calm. I think everyone needs to hear this whole album, honestly.

#3: Noah Gundersen – “Dying Now”

Readers of my work already know that I like Noah Gundersen a lot. In fact, he’s one of the reasons this blog even exists. That said, his song “Dying Now” on Ledges is one of the best songs I’ve heard in years. His harmonies with his sister Abby are pretty incredible. I’ve been able to personally relate to the song in many ways, so it’s a must-listen for 2014.

#2: John Fullbright – “All That You Know”

When my son was born this August, I made this the first song he ever heard. Ever. It’s the first taste of “music” that ever graced his little newborn ears. That was fully intentional. It’s got a moral and a lesson and it will make you want to be a better human. It’s incredible.

#1: St Paul de Vence – “Farther Than Light (A Midnight Take)”

This song is just amazing. Seriously it gives me chills every time I hear it. The story behind it, rooted in the songwriter’s own WWII family, is truly exceptional. These harmonies are just stunning.

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