Adam & I – Self titled debut album – Intimate male-female duet feels timeless

This is one of those albums that will make you say “awwww.” It’s full of intimacy, whimsy, delight, joy, and some confrontation. The harmonies are uplifting, the song structures are enticing, and the whole thing just makes listeners feel better. It’s also very evident that they don’t take themselves too seriously and genuinely love to make music. That makes for a joy-filled album from start to finish that’s sure to be appealing to fans of Americana, pop, and pop folk music.  Folks, I’d like to introduce you to Adam & I.

“We have love” is an endearing, sweet opener to the album. The male-female vocal blending is really good. There’s something about the recording quality that makes them feel very close in every way. They are talented musicians and that comes through from the start of the album. The whimsical sound effects – which I think are vocals trying to sound like guitar riffs – are also a big part of the charm of the track. It sounds like the kind of song that would be on a sitcom or a quick spot for a commercial.

“Searching for Salvation” is a bit more serious feeling. It has no less intimacy. It really highlights the lead vocals by Adam Melia and simple acoustic guitar. The lyrics are crystal clear. “I’m searching for salvation…” It’s about a life of seeking meaning. With conventional Christian and country imagery, it’s a quaint song in all the right ways. The greatness is the simplicity. It just works.

“Honey I’ll take the fall for loving you” is yet another style. A bit faster paced, feeling like pop country from the 1980s, it’s a very different feel. “If I’m Taken” goes back to the introspective sound. Much like a sonic diary entry or love song, it sounds like the kind of music you’d expect from a male-female vocal duo. “If thunder rolls and you feel like you’re alone remember you were the only one I ever loved. If I should die before you wake and we never have a chance to grow old and gray please dry your eyes my love don’t wait. My soul belongs to God, my heart is yours to keep.” Seriously that’s good stuff right there. It’s morbid in that it’s about death, but it’s bright and beautiful in that it’s about a deep, sincere love.

“I’ll be around” has Andrea Melia’s lead vocals stealing the track. More like the first track on the album with its upbeat, endearing charm, it’s a toe tapper. “But baby you will fly again higher than I’ll ever be, so when you come back down look for me.” It’s not clear what the song is entirely about, but it seems to be about the delight of having someone who has promised to be there no matter what. It seems further evidence of the musical outpouring of a genuinely sweet couple.

“Be here with me” is a rhetorically-questioning track that, again, assures each other of the promises of love. It actually seems like a wedding song. “Just a smile is all it takes… makes a man feel like to have found this place.” It’s great. The final track “Open for Business” is a more aggressive track to end out the album. It shows a slightly different side of the band, though, and a promising direction with a sharper edge.

All told, the album comes as a nice contribution to the growing indie Americana world. Truly a talented combination of musicians and harmonizers, Adam & I are a band for your attention. The easy comparison is The Civil Wars, but I don’t think that’s really fair to either duo. Rather, they’re a bit more like Johnny and June. Rather than ethereal blending a la Joy and John Paul, they have a sort of “shoulder to shoulder through life” connection that deserves its own billing. It’s a joyful album. Give it a listen.

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