Post Script – Post Script EP – Stunning folk duo brings debut harmonies

Paul Cournoyer and Steph Blais are the two halves of the adorable indie folk duo Post Script. What makes their music so good is the incredible, indescribable vocal blending juxtaposed with the crystal clear vocals of Steph’s voice. Seriously this is a “did I really just hear that?” kind of album. It’s worth your time to check out this stunning duo.

From Steph’s opening line on “Grande Prairie” listeners get the sense that she has a country music background. I have no idea if that’s the case, but her intonation takes that direction, but throughout the album she shows off hints of pop, blues, and the more obvious indie folk styles. The intricate duet harmonies that bounce in and out of “Grande Prairie” serve to define Post Script in all the right ways. When they add to their repertoire, this is the song that provides the best model. It’s not often a band hits their stride in an opening EP, but Post Script have done just that. Oh, and the best part? This isn’t even the “hit” on the album. That’s the second track…

The second track “Impossible” has all of the makings of a hit song. It’s a relatable concept with easy to understand lyrics and a subtle delightful harmony. It’s a song about a woman waiting for someone to take her away, but the lyrics are not restricted to that sentiment. “Seems impossible to me to find some kind of peace. Every day the same routine… I wake up in the early morning wishing to see your face again.” That’s a heartbroken lyric if one has ever been penned! The song is a hit, I’m telling you.

The third track “La Feuille” is in French. I don’t speak French, so I can’t say much about the lyrics. But, as someone who doesn’t speak the language, I can say similar to my comments on Bears of Legend, this is still a great song to enjoy. There’s something about the romantic sounds of French that help make the song work, even if I have no idea what they’re saying.

The fact that this band can write and sing bilingual music shows their amazing talent. This three song EP is nothing short of a tease of what more is sure to come. If you haven’t heard them, be sure to check out this EP and consider donating a few dollars to their cause. While they are certain to draw comparisons with The Civil Wars, I think their category of music is more appropriately along with She and Him. In either event, they’re in really good company. Enjoy and bonjour!

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  1. Dean Pattison

    Wow!!!! What a beautiful sound. Warm, and full acoustic bass. Great vocals, what clarity. I love it.

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