Moor Hound – Stifled Spirit

Simple, pretty, relatable tunes are what come from the Moor Hound release, Stifled Spirit. Steve Marino brings his sweet sounds from Bloomington, IN, and these sounds are hitting on exactly what the country/folk/Americana genres are producing; good, honest lyrics and palatable instrumentation combining acoustic and electric guitars with the occasional banjo, keys, and/or a steady drum beat. If you’re looking for something to throw on the turntable to accompany a stiff drink after a hard day’s work, this is the sort of tune you’ll be looking for.

Some of the cooler tracks include “Burrow”, which features some smooth banjo, and “Low Season”, which is driven by a straight drum beat and clean electric guitar. These tunes, similar to the other seven tracks, are short, sweet, and to the point. Without knowing anything about Marino, these tunes help me to envision a back porch farm party with cheap beer, bourbon whiskey, and burgers on the grill. Take that for what it’s worth, but with summer approaching, I’d chalk that into the “win” column for Moor Hound.

Stifled Spirit, is a quick listen of pleasant tunes that sound like they’re from Bloomington, IN; for better or worse. While I don’t see Moor Hound as the type of project to gain tons of momentum, it’d be a fine addition to anyone’s playlist with summer approaching. I see some long drives and simple tunes carrying on with Moor Hound fitting right in.

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