Album Review: Lavender Diamond – Incorruptible Heart

If a dynamic album full of beautiful female vocals is what you are in search of, look no further than this release. Incorruptible Heart has something for everyone. Full of pretty vocals and a mix of country and electro-pop instrumentation, Lavender Diamond put out a nice release in 2012 with their third release. Based in Los Angeles, Lavender Diamond features frontwoman Becky Stark’s simple and romantic vocals as well as a mix of acoustic and electric instruments, providing for some easy listening for a wind-down Friday night with a glass of wine and an empty mind.

According to Stark, the title of the album, Incorruptible Heart, comes from the French translation meaning “non-heartbreakable heart”. The album is full of simple romantic songs, leading off with “Everybody’s Heart is Breaking Now,” which was turned into a video that can be seen below.

Stark’s vocal and style ranges are put on display throughout their third release. The tone evolves throughout the album with some groovy beats and piano in songs like “I Don’t Recall,” epic spacey tunes like “Teach Me How to Waken,” and upbeat electro-pop like “Light My Way”. Personnel shifts at every song conclusion, using electronic and acoustic instruments to set different moods. Lavender Diamond even recruited the likes of the Calder Quartet on strings and M. Ward on additional guitar.

Incorruptible Heart closes out with one of my favorites; a dreamy track called “All the Stars”. This track, like many on the album, builds incrementally starting with piano, some sweet acoustic guitar, beats, and finally Stark’s vocals. Her octave exploration during instrumental portions is beautifully haunting and leads well into a simple hit of the “repeat” button.

Lavender Diamond will be in Seattle at the Sunset Tavern on December 13. Information can be found here:

As their tour winds down in San Francisco and Portland, as well, full tour information can also be found here:

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