Freshest Bingo Strategies: Learning About Bingo Odds

Beating The Bingo Odds

Those who are not bingo players may feel indifferent towards bingo, thinking that is just an easy game for old people. However, the game contains unique odds to it, like any other game, regardless of difficulty levels. Bingo is a game of luck and probability but even though there are no identical cards as different cards are printed out for all players, there is still a chance for two people to get a bingo at the same time. Nonetheless, the odds can be different when it comes to the type of bingo games, such as live bingo, online version, and other existing variations. In this article, we will go through the basics of odds and we will tackle the ways on how to beat them. Without further ado, let us get to the point and start with understanding the odds.

Feeling lucky? Here are some new bingo sites you can try! Understanding the Odds

Understanding the odds of a live bingo game is easy as it simply means that if there are more cards involved in the play, the chances of getting a single card to bingo is smaller. As you buy more cards, your chances of winning would increase. Alternatively, you can gauge the odds by the number of calls made. In other words, as the game proceeds on, the probability of winning would increase since there are fewer balls left to be called and the chance of your number being called is now higher. Now, onto the formats of bingo, there are two types — the first being the US format of a 5×5 grid and the latter with a 3×9 grid used in the UK. In the European version, the numbers are from one to 90 and every row contains five squares of numbers and four slots of empty ones. The numbers are arranged on a column basis, such that numbers one to 10 are found in the first column. 

Winning Odds

With the UK and US versions of bingo, players have to note that there are different winning combinations such differences have to be considered before the game starts. In the 3×9 grid version, there are three ways of winning. The first way is through a one-line bingo by hitting one complete row of numbers. Secondly, is via the two-line bingo, similar to the first-line but scoring two rows instead. Lastly, is getting a full house bingo by covering three complete rows of numbers. On the other hand, the US version consists of a 5×5 grid which means there is a different set of winning combinations. They are more challenging in the sense that there are a lot more variations, ranging from simple numbers to difficult patterns. 

How to Make the Odds Better For You 

Essentially, there is only one way to better the odds and that is to have more cards and it raises your chances a lot especially in a smaller setting. Meanwhile, for plays at a bigger venue, having more cards is likewise the only way but players should pay more attention to how much they are spending on a card. Now moving onto online bingo, the tricky part lies in the huge number of players involved as this would mean there are more cards and this would affect the odds, making it a challenge to beat. Furthermore, online bingo has a Random Number Generator which ensures fairness of the game.

The Difference Between the Odds of Online Bingo and Live Bingo 

Although the statement that bingo odds are the same regardless of a live bingo game or online bingo is not wrong, clear differences lie between playing the game live and online. Essentially, the odds are bound to be different when it comes to the different numbers of players involved in a live game versus an online one. Being able to play bingo in real life has that social factor that playing online lacks. In a live bingo game, you get to bask yourself in the boisterous atmosphere as you play with your friends. This is unlike playing through the screen with zero face to face interaction. 

However, playing online does not mean it is inferior as it has its own merits as well. To compensate for real-life interactions, there are chat messengers to allow players to converse with one another. Besides, playing online is more affordable as the greater number of players contribute to a larger size pool which saves quite a bit of money. Furthermore, a distinct difference is the opening hours. Live bingo is limited to a few hours of the day as there are set timings whereas online bingo is available 24/7 and it can be played for as long as you want at the comfort of your home.

The Odds of Online Bingo

Understanding the odds of online bingo is straightforward as it can be simply calculated by looking at the number of players. Knowing the number of players allows you to get a sense of how the game would progress and you can decide to join or not. The odds are going to be bad if you see there are 1000 players and you stand better chances in a room with only 10 players. Furthermore, in online bingo, players are notified of the set jackpot and prizes. This also helps to serve as a better understanding of the odds and the game itself. As compared to live bingo, online bingo usually provides bigger jackpots and they are more than often progressive jackpots. Not to mention, online bingo has a lot more variety to offer, besides the classic version as played in live bingos. Online bingo also has a built-in function that marks the numbers and calls bingo automatically without having you to do it manually, although you can still opt to do it yourself. However, we have noticed that most bingo games online tend to follow the US 5×5 grid which has been proven mathematically to have slightly worse odds as compared to the standard UK version of 3×9 grids.


With that, this marks the end of this article and we hope that you are now more informed of the odds of bingo. All the best with your future bingo games, be it live or online! Enjoy and have fun!

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