The Band of the Day App: 5 Success Cases

The Band of the Day app didn’t last long, but the 5 bands it helped make famous will keep its legacy alive. We’ll let you know about the story behind it.

The Band of the Day App: the Bands it Helped Discover

Once a real game-changer in the world of music, the Band of the Day app has been closed for over four years now. Why was it so popular in its time, and why did it get shut down? Continue reading to find out.

The iPhone’s Best

As you might have guessed from its name, the app was made by people who love music for people who want to find new music every day. Getting stuck in the same style or genre for a long time can be boring, and the Band of the Day app provided true audiophiles with the much-needed diversity.

It did what music discovery algorithms of iTunes and Deezer do today. For four years it helped music fans discover a new band every single day. While the app was not without its problems (mostly due to specializing in indie and experimental hip-hop music), it quickly became a huge success.

Shortly after it was launched in 2011, the app hit a milestone of 500,000 downloads. To do that in just four months was an incredible feat and it didn’t go unnoticed: Apple picked Band of the Day “The App of the Year” Runner-up. If being second best doesn’t really impress you, consider the fact that it was Instagram that stole first place laurels.

Overall, it was a resounding success.

Focusing on Different Markets

This success story ended in 2015 when the developers effectively shut down the app. It was no longer possible to support Band of the Day due to intense competition – both from small music discovery apps and streaming giants like Spotify. 955 Dreams, the company behind Band of the Day, didn’t close and came up with a mobile tickets and event-finder app called Applauze.

It’s hard to tell what makes a band popular. It’s not as straightforward as it gets with essays. You buy an essay, you get an A, you learn from it and start getting better at your work. Things are different in the music industry: no matter how good you are as a musician, it can take you years to get recognition. On the other hand, a producer can notice a great band by chance and help them become successful. This is what could have happened to the Band of the Day app, as lots of industry experts were using it.

Even though Band of the Day could not promote a brand from zero recognition to singing at Coachella, it did have a significant effect on many groups we love today. Here are some of them.

Success Stories Achieved Thanks to Band of the Day

Tame Impala

Everybody knows Tame Impala now. Even if you’re a rap or a metalcore fan, you’ve heard the name at least once. Tame Impala has become a meme, which is amazing for a business model that relies on recognition.

Band of the Day first recommended Tame Impala in October 2011. Its 2010 album, Innerspeaker, went gold in Australia, but outside of the country, it was just another indie band. However, after being recommended by Band of the Day, Tame Impala saw their popularity soar, with their 2012 album, Lonerism, becoming an instant hit worldwide.


Bonaparte is a Berlin-based electronic music band that got together in 2006. It did gigs in small clubs all around Europe and remained largely unknown to the general public. The momentous event in the band’s life came in 2011 when it got recommended by Band of the Day. After that, Bonaparte got to perform at Sziget, a huge electronic music festival in Hungary.

What’s notable, they recorded their first album in their leader’s Berlin apartment, while the one they released in 2012 was recorded in a professional studio. Band of the Day caught the band before they rode the success wave and likely contributed to that wave as well.

La Femme

People who are into French or indie music have probably heard at least one of their hit songs. Chances are, Sur la Planche was among the few songs you’ve heard if you’re not a big fan of the group. It came out in 2013 but it wasn’t very popular until 2014. Two watershed events happened that year: La Femme was featured in the Band of the Day app and it got a French music award shortly after.

Now, their songs get millions of views on streaming platforms.

Voodoo Swing

With songs named Hillbilly Rock’n’Roll, it’s not hard to guess what kind of music these guys are into. Their success wasn’t as big as Tame Impala’s but hey, their audience is much more niched. After being mentioned by Band of the Day in 2013, they’ve been constantly invited to local events in the States. They’re making good money now and enjoying their audience.

The Growlers

The Growlers are an exceptional band. Instead of trying to get invited to festivals, they’ve launched their own one. The first Beach Goth festival was held in 2012, with the Growlers as headliners. As you may understand, it wasn’t very popular. In 2013, the band was mentioned in the app and the next thing you know Beach Goth hosts Dien Antwoord, Grimes, Mac DeMarco, and other widely recognized bands. 

Wrap up

Band of the Day was a great app for its time. Now that it’s closed, we can only thank the creators for letting us know about some great musicians and helping them become popular.

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