Singer songwriters to steal your heart this weekend

Kimberly Knighton – “Nobody Knows”
-Something about Knighton’s voice reminds me of a musical theater soloist. There’s a gorgeous purity in her vocal that I rarely find in music these days. The production is a bit more contemporary pop than what we typically cover, but I just could not pass up this vocal. The phrasing and almost prayerful quality of the vocal expression is absolutely outstanding. This song gives me a lot of emotions.

Josh Lee Hamilton – “A Lament”
-Hamilton writes with a folk singer’s sincerity. Each line develops like a new line of a poem. The minimal production is perfect for what we tend to cover around here. If I’m honest, the total production reminds me folks like Gregory Alan Isakov. This is a delightful acoustic folk song that is well worth your attention.

Dafna – “Swimming”
-I can’t really grasp why I like this song so much, but Dafna is wonderful. There’s a soulfulness to this song that I adore. I don’t mean like James Brown soul; I mean like it creeps down into my own soul and makes me feel something special. I think Dafna’s vocal style is really beautiful. The combination of honest heartfelt lyrics and a gentle sonic approach all comes together for something special. Fans of Dodie Clark and Orla Gartland should definitely fall for Dafna as well.

Julius Marx – “Genie Love”
-Julius Marx was an unexpectedly good find for me. The easy going folk acoustic style is a lot of fun. When you combine the approach with sincere lyrics about desiring a sort of “magical” love, the full composition is almost quaint. Marx puts me in the mind of Oasis with a dash of early career George Harrison. I definitely could listen to more like this one.

Steve Itterly – “Livin'”
-I am already a big fan of Steve Itterly. His voice reminds me a bit of the great country singer John Prine. His folksy songwriting style wins me over right away. The full composition is complete with a rummy tap tap snare part that uses brushes to create texture. Sometimes it reminds me a little of what I like about the Wood Brothers. Itterly has made his way onto my short list of folk artists to look into more. If you dig this tune, leave us a note on social media and maybe we’ll review the full EP.

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