As a musician, you’re always thinking about securing paid gigs. Getting reliable paid gigs is always on your mind, but it can be tough to find them. If you could secure more gigs just by signing up with a simple app, would you? The Special Guest App helps entertainers effortlessly secure more gigs, make more money and market themselves.

Special Guest Gets You More Gigs

Whether you’re a dj, a member of a band or a solo musician, pop music, or hip hop, Special Guest will benefit you. When you create your free talent profile, you’ll appear in local searches for people looking to book live talent, whether it’s for a single private event, or a regular appearance at a local club. You can be matched with local venues who want to book live entertainment, which may result in further opportunities for artists like yourself.

The app matches you with paid gigs, for FREE. Often, musicians and performers feel like they need an agent to book more gigs, but cannot afford to hire one until they book more gigs. With special Guest, you’ll get the same levels of exposure that you would via an agent, without the cost. You pay nothing to be featured on Special Guest, but you reap all the benefits. You set your rate and publish it upfront, meaning that you get paid that amount–no haggling, no surprises.

The goal of Special guest is simple–matching talented artists with more gigs to make them the most possible money. You set the market you serve, choosing a distance ratio. The app puts everything in the open, setting expectations for those looking to book you. You can market yourself to a large amount of users, getting your band the most possible exposure in the easiest possible way.

Signing up is simple. If you’re ready to start booking more gigs and earning more money, register with Special Guest now. What are you waiting for?

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