Three exceptional new indie folk songs that you’ll want to hear right away

Abigail Lapell – “Rattlesnake”
-It’s not every day that I approve a song almost solely because of the opening guitar riff, but that happened with this new track from Abigail Lapell. Of course I love her vocal work as well, but the rawness of the electric guitar in the opening somehow feels simultaneously like American blues as well as old world timeless melodic structure. The combination makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up! I feel a connection to this music that goes far beyond it “sounding nice.” I feel it in my bones and I’m extremely grateful to Lapell for taking the creative risks to make such an amazing piece of art. It’s earthy, raw, and timeless.

Jed and the Valentine – “Runner”
-The slow, easy going acoustic opening of this song lays out a nice invitation for the listener to lean in. If you give it a few minutes, the lead vocal is definitely quality and pulls the listener in even further. But I’ll tell you what will set its hooks into and keep you here long term… the harmony vocals. The soaring vocal blending on the chorus is absolutely stunning. The second verse with the higher solo vocal is beautiful. The two blend like two voices that have been singing together for a long time. There’s such an evident chemistry in the sound; it’s hard to deny. We’ve covered our share of folk duos over the years, and this track is among the best of that sound.

Benni – “Make Me Blind”
-If you’re a fan of chill singer songwriters, give this track from Benni a spin. It’s got a slow, methodical energy to it. The bluesy inflection in the guitar works perfectly with the exquisite lead vocal. This is a sound that feels like it’s got a slice of pop mixed with a folksy spirit. If you’re a fan of artists like Lizzy McAlpine or Dodie Clark, definitely add Benni to your rotation. The calming sensation of this song, especially on the verses, is absolutely wonderful. If you’ve ever been in love (or at least fell really hard, regardless of how it played out), then these lyrics will resonate. I sure can connect with this one. I like the way it sounds and I love the way it makes me feel.

Image courtesy: Benni IG

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