Three indie rock tracks including our first time featuring the fantastic new Rogue NPC

Rogue NPC – “Light of Day”
-Give me a good beat and a rising tension in the opening of a song… and I’m hooked. Rogue NPC know how to get a song going. Once the vocal enters the track, there’s a beautifully understated energy in the verse that allows for a fantastic dynamic on the chorus. The distortion and echo on the vocal for the chorus is absolutely exceptional. This song manages to feel both classic and cutting edge in equal measure. “Watch me do my magic trick, disappear into the mix.” It’s vibey, psychedelic in parts, and full of so much good energy it’s really hard to put into words. This is one of my favorite unique rock tracks I’ve heard in recent memory… probably in years.

Camryn James – “Hometown Story”
-Fans of artists like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Seeger will find a lot to like with this new song from Camryn James. There’s an upbeat rock energy to the track. The lyrics feature two people meeting on a “lonely night.” It’s a cool story song that feels like it channels a lot of familiar tropes from 70s pop rock in the best way. It’s got a real feel good vibe to it that a lot of people will enjoy.

Eric Schroeder – “Stayed the Same”
-This might be a bit darker than the type of rock you’ve come to expect from us, but… just… trust me. The opening feels outright morbid, but the chorus blends into this optimistic energy. The juxtaposition and shifting energy of the track is a wonderful experience. It goes to show that not all indie rock has to have the same formulaic sound to pack a powerful message. Schroeder’s vocal is on point, conveying the depth of the emotions in this one. If you’ve ever looked back on a situation that you wish things had stayed the same, you will connect. If you’re down on your luck dealing with some of the challenges mentioned in these lyrics, hopefully the song will help you pull out of that. It’s emotional, relatable, and definitely worth sharing.

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