Featured EP: Jordan Whitmore’s Folk EP “One Breath”

If you’ve been around the site for a while, you’re familiar with Jordan Whitmore’s name. So I was excited to receive this new EP from the talented Texas folk singer songwriter. From the very opening acoustic chords of the album, I knew this one was a yes.

Title track “One Breath” has a thoughtful opening energy. The vocal shines through with clarity. There’s an expressive lyrical sense to the song about the importance of perseverance. “When it’s fight or flight how do you survive? It is what it is… make it through the night one breath at a time.” Wow. Once I heard that section of the song, I knew we weren’t just dealing with some feelgood accessible country folk music. On the contrary, this is a song (and album) about survival. The vocal is sweet and the banjo adds charm, but the lyrics can cut through the air.

The second track “See” has a piano-driven sound that balances nicely with the acoustic guitar and stellar vocal for a meaningful blend of sounds. “If you could only see… you’d never be scared of the dark.” It seems like a simple concept, but ultimately it’s about the similar theme of perseverance. You have to see through the trial to the other side. I don’t know the “story” behind the pain that motivated this record, but it’s evident. Honestly, Whitmore’s accessible emotional style reminds me a bit of the pain that early country artists like Kitty Wells and Loretta Lynn were able to convey for their listeners. I can imagine women of the 21st century resonating with this album in similar ways.

“Rise Up” is the song that took my heart and gave it a big old hug. I’m not even exaggerating; the way this song makes me feel is nothing short of the adjective “blessed.” It’s also about perseverance, but there’s an almost gospel feel to it. “I don’t know why I must go through this pain, but Lord I know I will rise.” I am not writing this for dramatic effect… I am genuinely finishing this review through tears. I’ve shared this song with some close friends who understand grief, struggle, and overcoming unspeakable trauma in their lives. This song… this… this is remarkable.

Sometimes music is just music and it sounds nice. But sometimes – in the case of this EP – music is spiritual. This EP’s story is a whole gospel. It goes into fear and shame, into trial and darkness, and on the other side of it… “I’m gonna rise.” Amen.

If you prefer Spotify as your platform of choice, here it is.

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