Exploring three of the most dynamic and interesting dream pop tracks we’ve heard this year

MANNY! – “Waiting”
-From first listen, it’s pretty impossible not to hear a bit of a Michael Jackson vibe in this sound from MANNY! The unique funk elements in the instrumentation give the song an 80s feel, but it’s the subtle R&B styling in the vocal line that really makes the track emerge. The whole composition feels deliciously nostalgic while also being fresh and new. The lyrical theme highlights someone who is “out there waiting for me,” the partner who is yet to be discovered. It’s hopelessly romantic and altogether appealing. This is a great jam.

Pentire – “Don’t Let Your Love (Let You Down)”
-This new track from Pentire has a great mix of contemporary pop rock blended with classic elements, putting it in a bit of a timeless category. At first listen, I thought this was clearly a pop rock track, but the more I listen I feel the atmospheric elements give it a clear dream pop style. The lyrical theme entices the listener to contemplate the challenge of getting a love interest out of your head. I might be misinterpreting here, but the way I hear it is watching an unrequited love pursue another interest all the while sitting back knowing you’re better for them. Either way, it’s a majestic bit of poppy dream rock songwriting with an infectious energy that I’m happy to support here.

high jump – “Tide Away” ft. Jamie Maier
-Let’s make a mix here… give me a dose of pop, a dash of blues, and a sprinkling of atmospheric dreamy elements… ah, yes, very nice. The opening of the track is tender and alluring, but once the vocal harmonies enter it moves from good to great, from enjoyable to positively lush. The syncopation on some of the lines here certainly feel like they’re influenced by a wide range of R&B and soul artists. This is a song that you feel as much as you listen to it. The lyrics are about what it’s like to feel listless and lost without that special someone, watching the tide (and by implication contemplating life’s meaning). It’s a great tune with some exceptional pockets of expression and songwriting.

Image courtesy: MANNY! IG

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