Abby Webster Crafts Incredible Alt Country Ballads

Abby Webster – “Calliope” / “Sea Goat”

Songwriter has a style that blends some of our favorite musical styles. We would be hard-pressed to find another artist who so embodies what Ear to the Ground is all about. “Calliope” is an upbeat tale that fits nicely in the storytelling style of Margo Price. Her songwriting is sharp and expressive, “I drank all your booze and I smoked all your tobacco, but I let you take me like a pill” she beautifully croons. We absolutely love her alt country style.

The Montana songwriter begins “Sea Goat” with the line “I got demons and woman’s intuition” before telling great story with line after line of relatable goodness. Her vocal ability is compelling, dipping in country and vulnerable bedroom pop. Honestly, we are crushed we haven’t heard her music until this month. Abby Webster is a songwriter who needs to be heard and deserves to be praised.

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