Three indie folk songs that bring charming harmonies to meaningful melodies

The Coo – “Something’s Turned”
-Every time I’ve clicked play on this song, I’ve had to look and see who it was. The Coo is the name of the artist, but I’ll be durned if I haven’t thought of both Adam Melchor as well as the Milk Carton Kids on more than one occasion. The slow, captivating acoustic work on this track is something special. The vocal harmonies are beautiful. The combination of guitar and vocal work here is outstanding. There’s a mood of comfort in the instrumentation, even though the lyrics are about a relationship that has shifted in a negative direction. It feels musically satisfying and lyrically unsettling (in a good way), this is a poignant and meaningful piece of folk songwriting.

The Wildwoods – “Somewhere in the Snow”
-Fans of light, airy folk music are going to love this new track from the Wildwoods. It’s the closest thing I’m willing to approve for holiday music. The vocal harmonies are really good on this track. The lyrical imagery will put listeners in mind of bygone Christmases. It’s always nice to have a harmony-driven, nostalgic reflection. This has the potential to be the type of holiday tune you put on a playlist that sticks around for many years. It’s got a sense of timelessness. As an aside, my music theory friends will love some of the exquisite chord progressions that move it out of the conventional three-chord folk song and into something musically adventurous.

Simon Alexander – “Willow”
-When I tell people I listen to folk music, this is the sound I want them to have in their head. It’s not all some sort of cowboy tune around a campfire; Alexander’s songwriting shows that folk can have a complex and deeply satisfying sonic structure. Alexander sings with meaning and emotion here, conveying a sincerity and depth that’s hard to find. You won’t find a sound like this on the top 40, but you absolutely should. Singing with an emotionalism like John Legend and a hypnotic acoustic guitar, this is a song for a more refined folk palate and we are here for it.

Image courtesy: The Coo IG

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