Three energetic, pop-influenced singer songwriters that you’ll want to follow forever

Emelia – “The Circle”
-It took me until the end of the first verse to get my jaw off the floor… then I realized not only do I love this voice, but I have covered it before. Emelia has one of those voices that is incredibly high quality, but this song is also quite complex melodically. The lyric “makes me wonder if you’ll ever feel guilty for the way you’ve taken part of me” is… emotional. Now that I’ve listened to it a few times, I’ve resonated with both the main character as well as (unfortunately) the one the song is about. It’s definitely a song that pulls on the heart. The delicate harmonies, understated piano work, and incredible lead vocal make this a memorable listen. You should take your time and listen closely.

Narrowhaven – “Your Dream Fell Asleep”
-The timing on this song makes it stand out right away. The lead vocal is quality and the overall energy of the track is good in the opening… but when the harmonies enter, it goes from good to great! The inquisitive lyrical style reminds me of a personal favorite, Jeremy Messersmith. The production mix uses dynamics to go from calm acoustic to dynamic pop inflections in some fantastic, emotional moments. If it’s any consolation to how I felt about the song, I sent it to a friend who is a professional worship leader. Even though it’s not a direct “worship” song, it has elements of the genre and some amazing harmonies that really allow the track to soar. I love this one.

Bree Rusev – “Summer Memories”
-This song is going to take your brain on a little adventure. Remember that summer you had that was really good… the summer that was better than all the other summers? Your brain is going to go there when you listen to this song. I love the infectious poppy energy of this song. “I wanna be with you. I wanna see this through, but I’m moving far away.” It’s the sweetest pop song about a summer fling since “Strawberry Wine” (that’s a reference for about 2% of our readership). Anyways, Rusev has created a delightful tune here with emotional lyrics that – if you are lucky enough to relate to – will take you on a real emotional roller coaster. The production is top tier and Rusev’s vocal work is excellent. This isn’t just a song… it’s time travel.

Image courtesy: Bree Rusev IG

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