Three exceptional tracks toying with the indie pop genre with cozy, emotional features

“Anomaly” by Kylie V
This one is for nostalgia junkies—for the ones who deliberately prepare to curl up with a box of memories and engage in some purposeful emotional processing. Forgive this melodramatic metaphor, but this song progresses like a rising sob that gets swallowed. The very first note Kylie V sings pierces in a way that feels like tears burning behind the eyes with a softly confident voice over bare guitar. The second swells with drums like a ball rising in the throat: “I’m sorry I hurt you/I’m sorry I walked out//I’m sorry my fingers taste so good in your mouth.” It closes with a swallow back to soft guitar and chorus. If you’ve ever wished something could work even when it shouldn’t—if you believe in anomalies—you’ll certainly feel this one deeply.

“All of London Saw” by Leona
Who among us doesn’t want love so palpable that an entire city can bear witness? This song feels like an abstract from Leona’s life that we can all spend a moment in, smiling and cozy. “I think that you were built to hold me in your arms//and all of London saw//this whole city knows I love you//and knows that I’m yours.” There is a lovely break about halfway through that offers no words, only harmony, and it feels like the apex of love where nothing even needs to be said because the cohesion of bliss speaks for itself. It’s a very sweet song, but not in a way that feels annoying or overindulgent. It’s a nice peek into a beautiful expression of love.

“Slow Running” by Hazlett
The harmonies are thick in this one, riding above and below steady guitar and gentle strings with such wistfulness. It’s a perfect autumn listen. Hazlett’s vocals are dreamy, and I was struck with the thought that I might just feel like crying no matter what the subject matter. This song feels you’re let in past the surface and hearing the beautiful metaphors beneath. It’s like beautifully constructed hopelessness—”When’s this ghost coming//is he slow running//out of places to hide//ways of changing your mind?” I feel like I’ve been given a glimpse into what has been left unsaid. My heart is a little broken after this one, but we can all use that sometimes.

Image courtesy: Kylie V IG

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