Three new folk rock tunes bringing a forward momentum to a timeless genre

Remy Sher – “Gettin Closer”
-From the opening riff of this track, you might think it’s an Americana tune. Honestly, I’d be okay with calling it that. The steel guitar and overall swing time of the track makes it feel like a mid-century country class. Remy Sher’s vocal does a nice job of giving a slightly gruff texture to the song. The lyrics focus on realizing that you’re getting closer to dying. Funny, I was just reflecting on this theme recently. It’s kind of hair raising when a song seeps so deeply into your subconscious like this one did for me. I hope others are able to connect with Sher’s chilling message here.

Arts Fishing Club – “come and dance”
-Some fun ETTG trivia… we actually interviewed Arts Fishing Club way back when he was just breaking on the scene! What caught my attention back then was that he was a fantastic songwriter and he was doing a WALKING tour! That kind of energy and enthusiasm for the craft comes through on this exciting track “come and dance.” It’s a party and hook up song that feels like it could have come out in the late 1960s with the timeless production style. If you’re looking for a fun loving song with a good beat and some lyrics about kissing on the dancefloor, give this one a spin.

Michael Smyth – “Puzzle Piece”
-This is a love song with a vision for a perfect match. The metaphor is rich and appropriate. I like the way the string work creates such a magical air for the track’s style. The vocal harmonies work really well here, echoing the intimacy at the heart of the lyrical concept. If you’ve ever longed to be with someone with the hope that they would complete you, this song will definitely connect. Of course another human being is not able to complete your life in this fantastical way, but it is a sweet lyrical concept for a great lighthearted folksy tune.

Image courtesy: Remy Sher IG

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