Three beautiful new folk tracks that are sure to bring some comfort

Good Morning Bedlam – “Letter to a Savior”
-I’ve always liked the word “muse.” When someone inspires art in your life, it’s really a special feeling. Not everyone has the privilege of having someone who is their muse, but this song is about having that gift in life. I really appreciate the delicate acoustic balanced with well-played horns as well. The combination is subtle, with a genre-bending and blending style that really soothes the soul. There’s a spiritual underpinning to the song that I’m not sure I’m qualified to translate, but it’s definitely worth exploring for folks interested in those types of questions.

Jules Avalon – “Nothing’s Changed”
-I liked this song from the first time I heard it. The melodic structure has these lovely little half step changes that just feel comfortable. The move from folksy into rock and back creates an emotional mood that works really well here. Avalon does a good job with vocal dynamics that support the lyrical expressions. The lyrics are about the importance of devotion to someone over time, no matter what. Life has ups and downs, but it’s about those promises to stay together. Avalon’s vocal expresses those emotions really well. This is a love song with a lot of character.

Hafdis Huld – “Darkest Night”
-When you clicked on an article about folk music, this is probably the type of song you thought you would find. Huld’s songwriting feels like quintessential modern folk music. Even the innovative genre-pushing production elements feel like they are befitting 21st century folk composition. Huld’s vocal style conveys the emotions of the “darkest night” with anticipation and even fear. The narrative form is one of our favorites; we encourage listeners to sit back and go on this lyrical ride. This is a beautiful piece of songwriting that reminds us that good, classic folk can be made fresh and new again.

Image courtesy: Good Morning Bedlam IG

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