Three Americana tracks that will remind you that classic music never gets old

Tricia Collins – “In the Light of the Moon”
-From the first guitar notes of this song, I was hooked. Collins has a beautiful voice that is the heart and soul of the song. The combination of thoughtful lyrics and a great vocal make this one an instant love. Something about the steady, comfortable movement of the track connects with me. When the vocal harmonies enter, the track goes from good to great. The delicate banjo highlights feel like the cherry on top for this one. If you’re looking for heartfelt Americana, give this one a spin.

Gabrielle Grace – “This One’s For the Girls” (Martina McBride cover)
-I remember when the original song came out and felt like such a powerful pop anthem being promoted on country radio. I’m happy to hear that Gabrielle Grace has reimagined the song with more of an Americana soul to it. The atmospheric work definitely crosses into pop territory in the best way possible. What I love most, though, is that the lyrics still convey their magnitude. We hope that our readership appreciate the significance of the message here and the absolutely incredible quality of this production and performance. It’s worth a spin and a follow.

Tom Webber – “Snowbird”
-If I knew more about music theory, I would explain why the chromatic chord changes on this song make me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Since I don’t know how that all works, all I can say is that I love this song. Webber writes with a magnetic energy that pulls me in with each listen. I appreciate how the song has a natural growth from the accessible acoustic opening into an anthemic full band middle section. The vocal harmonies make it feel like a mid-century classic folk rock tune in the best way possible. It’s a great composition and performance from a bright and promising songwriter. We consider it a privilege to be able to feature this level of quality. What a song!

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