Sunday “Sermon”: Music to Ponder Life To

Steve Stout – “Sunday Stars” (demo)

We have covered Stout and his multiple projects for years now. However, with “Sunday Stars”, we hear a new level of thought and pondering that is rare of any artist. The track is an easy going, yet biting, take on Sunday faith. His thoughtful lyrics are measured but extremely potent, matching the demo style recording. This different avenue for Stout is refreshing and while his work in øzwald is some of our favorite, we hear this as more personal.

Esme White – “Mother’s Ugly Angels”

White carries the spirit of Patti Smith within her compelling sound. Leaning into New York punk songwriting, her folk stability shines on “Mother’s Ugly Angels”. Like Smith, Esme White is a poet first. With a trembling sonic base, she gives her words a pulse that grabs our attention. Her themes touch on the spiritual, but are also all-consuming. Her voice is refreshing and unique, nodding to artists like Smith, Apple, and Mitchell. Esme White is a genuine songwriter that we love to champion at Ear to the Ground.

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