Perfect Tracks to Start Fall With

Hannah Wood – “Lukewarm Lemonade”

Hannah Wood has a voice that makes us melt. Her ability to croon will completely raise your spirits or break your heart. On “Lukewarm Lemonade”, the sound is perfect melancholy accompaniment, showing just how much of an undiscovered talent she is. The UK songwriter reminds us of some of our favorite in the genre, but she is uniquely her and we love her raw authenticity. We believe you will too.

Blind Mirror – “Vertigo”

Some wrongly say rock is dead. Look no further than young acts like Blind Mirror for proof of the opposite. Sharing a lane of some of the modern rock pillars like Queens of the Stone Age and Royal Blood, the band completely explode with a tight, near combustible sound. If there is any justice, this act will continue to craft searing tracks that will force them to tour the States while preaching the much needed gospel of rock.

ØZWALD – “Garden of the Sun” (Acoustic)

We think this might be the perfect end of summer track. The band has been a site favorite for quite awhile, and it seems like they are continuing to hit their artistic stride while crafting authentic gems. Heavily influenced by the Beatles, listeners can hear a modern approach to their timeless delivery. Overall, this might be one of our favorite tracks from one of our favorite acts. If you have not been introduced, they have an increasingly large catalogue you should explore.

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