A pair of intriguing new rock songs worth your time

Ellur – “Free”
-One of my favorite aspects of good songwriting is the use of phrasing. Ellur is an absolute expert at phrasing. You can feel these lyrics as much as you hear them. Something about the energy of the recording reminds me a bit of Natalie Imbruglia and that late 90s era of alt rock music. Ellur’s vocals have a buoyancy to them that keeps them above the instrumentation while the lyrical phrasing feels earthy and rooted; the combination of these aspects makes the song sound fantastic. If you’re looking for a declaration of purpose and freedom, this new song by Ellur is fantastic.

Sunshine Lust – “Revolution of Love”
-If you’ve spent any time studying life in the 1960s (or if you lived through it!), you’ll know it was indeed a “time for love.” Sunshine Lust do a great job of throwing back a sound that could have been produced in the mid sixties with this intriguing song. “Get up and find the real thing.” Simple lines like this are absolutely characteristic of acts like the Beatles and Rolling Stones. The blues guitar lyrics and shades of psychedelic instrumentation make the song feel like an object lesson in 60s rock n’ roll. This is a great song and you’ll find it hard to believe it was written in 2023 and not 60 years ago.

Image courtesy: Sunshine Lust IG

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