Three unique tracks with “pop” and “rock” characteristics that defy what you think of as pop rock

Daytime TV – “Block Out the Noise”
-The rhythm on this track is definitely going to capture a lot of ears right away. The aggressive production mix on this one is fantastic. The use of dynamics from the vocal to the guitars and drums all create a tangible sense of tension. The “la la” vocals on the chorus bring it in for a crowd-pleasing singalong style, all while capturing the emotion of the verses. The lyrics are about blocking out the noise that distract us from being our best selves. There’s an expression of devotion, but it’s not clear whether it’s to self, to a relationship, or perhaps to a substance/purpose/passion? In any event, it’s an impassioned track that is full of energy.

CJ Pandit – “Flowers Made of Lego”
-Okay, so let’s start with the obvious on this song – the lyrics are ridiculously clever. “I’ll give you flowers made of Lego so they don’t decay.” The music has a chilled out, soulful pop style in the vein of Bruno Mars and Silk Sonic. It’s such a cool, romantic and well-delivered track. The lush production style does the romantic content justice on this one. I liked it so much I tweeted it directly to Lego, hoping they’ll share with their fanbase for Pandit’s sake. It’s a great tune.

Diners – “The Power”
-This track has a lot of features of my favorite kind of music; the beat keeps it moving, the vocal is clear, the lyrics are thoughtful, and most importantly the chord progression has this chromatic quality about it that reminds me of George Harrison. The way the electric guitar resonates on the riff between the verses is also fantastic. The layered vocals on the chorus tickles my fancy as well. I can’t be sure what the lyrics really mean, but they seem to be about looking out on the ocean with a set of existential questions about recognizing our significance (or is it insignificance)? Give it a spin and decide for yourself.

Image courtesy: Daytime TV IG

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