Boy Bandicoot Comes Together to Release “Did I Fall Apart?”

by Laurent Chavannes

An artist’s debut is met with great pressure. After all, the opportunity to make a first impression only comes once. This explains why Nashville-based artist Avery Benter went full force with his debut EP “Did I Fall Apart?” under the stage name Boy Bandicoot. Reminiscent of early 2000s indie (Phoenix, Young the Giant, and Bombay Bicycle Club), Boy Bandicoot has still managed to cultivate his unique sound.

The first track “Tunnel Vision” welcomes us to Benters’ project with heavy guitars and drums. With a straightforward beat and chugging guitars, Benter starts to introduce us to floating soundscapes with gliding synths and atmospheric leads. With “Tunnel Vision” as the first track and first single from the EP, listeners are acquainting themselves with Boy Bandicoot. They are learning about his ability to belt confidently and then switch to subdued whispers. The capacity to compose engaging instrumentals where every part serves a purpose. He’s not shying away from anything.

Cathartic and playful are the two adjectives that sum up track two, “Listening”. Inciting a feeling of speeding down the highway with the car roof down, the song is the perfect follow-up to the intro. It keeps the energy high as Benter roars with conviction over an instrumental that drives forward with no intention of stopping. The track effortlessly transitions from a driving beat to something more springy as vocal effects fade in and out. It only makes sense to yell while reciting lyrics such as “all I wanna do is throw you is just throw you out the car.”

“Buried” carries a similar energy as “Listening” while it moves with intention. Track four, “Oblivious” changes the vibe of the record to something mysterious. A constantly rising synth lead stands out as a crooning vocal performance guides listeners into a dream state. Sounding like Benters was tinkering with sounds in a lab, this track stands out as the most experimental on the EP.

Boy Bandicoot brings his project to an end with the fifth and final track “Medic”. Filled with riffs and chants that audiences can scream along to, Boy Bandicoot gives us an epic finale to the meticulously crafted extended play.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, Laurent Chavannes is currently based in Seattle, WA. Being involved in the music scene since he was a teenager, he strives to help give emerging artists a platform by either putting together local shows, curating playlists, or writing blog posts. He continues to make music in his spare time and hopes to find himself in the Seattle music scene.

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